Fair Career Opportunity for ALL colleagues

By | Tuesday November 6th, 2018

Regardless of the post, grade and function all colleagues working for the European Commission should have the opportunity to build career on the basis of their actual performance:

  • There must be posts offered to AST colleagues allowing for the mobility and full use of their skills and knowledge.
  • Those AST colleagues willing to advance to AD career must have the opportunity to do so. The certification quotas should be increased and posts for successful colleagues must be guaranteed.
  • Costly and demotivating promotion exercise must be replaced by a system able to recognize and appreciate all employees in a fair manner, regardless of one’s visibility to the senior management. The clearly dysfunctional quota distribution must end.
  • CA colleagues should have a career path laid out from the beginning. From the start they should receive contracts of the real duration (be it 1 year or 6). It is not acceptable to prolong contracts at the last moment and keep colleagues in the dark whether they could be able to continue or not.
  • EC must stop social dumping: if the post requires permanent employee it should be taken by an official, not by a series of CA colleagues with precarious work and social rights.
  • Well performing CA colleagues should be given the opportunity to become Officials: Each of them should be invited to a Nomination exercise allowing her/him to remain in the service. Retaining of QUALIFIED STAFF already in house and which already have proven themselves worthy should be the priority for the European Commission in its medium and longer term HR strategy.

SAVE EUROPE- LIST 3 will push to establish awareness to the adoption and full implementation of a real EU employee appreciation and motivation system. No employer can claim being modern and attractive without developing and establishing one.


SAVE EUROPE-LIST 3 will make sure that nobody is forgotten in the succeeding waves of “modernisation” of the workforce.


SAVE EUROPE- LIST 3 will keep defending acquired rights of the colleagues and will push for real, modern staff policy where human is not just a resource.


Because with SAVE EUROPE: You are in good hands!