Our Program – What Save Europe realized in a few words:

By | Thursday November 15th, 2018

During this term, Save Europe worked on many issues. We would like to draw your attention to some in particular:




  • Screening : SAVE EUROPE obtained the revalorisation of all function groups (cf the “screening” which is in phase of finalization in Luxembourg and which, more than probably, will begin very fast in Brussels). This will in particular allow the contract agents of the GF1 to reach the upper group and also have access to internal competitions,


  • Reduction in waiting time between reclassifications : SAVE EUROPE is glad that this has already been implemented for the lower grades,


  • The increase of the ceiling for the external activities: SAVE EUROPE obtained the increase of the ceiling reaching now 10.000€ within the framework of the outside activities,



  • Success in front of the Court: several cases that were carried by SAVE Europe had a favourable outcome: let us mention for example the Gillet judgment.




  • The quotas of promotion for the AST / SC: SAVE EUROPE asked to guarantee quotas of promotion following the example of what exists for the other categories,


  • Revalorisation of the AST function: SAVE EUROPE wants a “screening” of the AD tasks performed by AST,


  • The appointment of Contract Agents: SAVE EUROPE has been working for years on the question appointing Contract Agents on permanent posts via, for example, periodic ad hoc competitions; and had a confirmation that this issue was also a priority for President Juncker,




  • The protection of acquired rights: SAVE EUROPE wants to maintain ALL the acquired rights (remunerations, leaves, system of pension, etc.),


  • The revalorization of people over 50 careers, by allowing them to pass on their knowledge and expertise is a fundamental point for SAVE EUROPE. We are all 50 years and more in power. SAVE EUROPE recognizes the important assets of people over 50, namely: the irreplaceable work experience, the loyalty for the institutions,…


  • The case of wage adaptations refusal in 2011-2012: SAVE EUROPE participated in the financial effort. This judgment is expected for 13.12 other cases are still in progress such as the increases of salaries – the journeys – the releasing of careers,


  • Consequences of the article 51 (underperformance): SAVE EUROPE pointed out to Commissioner Oettinger that at the end of 15 years of career in the Institutions, the people not having paid any contribution previously had no more social security cover. The Administration has to get in touch with the Belgian authorities to obtain clarifications on this matter.

SAVE EUROPE– LIST 3 will keep defending the acquired rights of colleagues


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