By | Monday November 12th, 2018

In recent years, the AST category has been more and more neglected by the Institution, in particular:

  1. At the career level:
  • During the last reform of 2014, the careers of the AST colleagues were blocked in AST9, whereas such colleagues benefited from a linear career ranging from AST1 to AST 11.
  • Moreover, it would be useful to question the cases of professional incompetence (Article 51 of the Statute) because unfortunately they concern AST colleagues more widely.


  1. At the level of mobility:
  • For our colleagues, mobility has become almost impossible today because of the 5% (or more) taxation of Human Resources for 5 years, which eliminated all AST positions va­cated by retirements. In addition, some AST are socially dumped because they are occupied by colleagues who are underpaid contract agents: “You do not feel good in your current position? Hang in there!”


  1. At the level of vocational training:
  • Vocational training that allowed mobility within a career has virtually disappeared in our institution. It becomes almost impossible to acquire new skills to change careers.


  1. At the level of the competitions:
  • There are practically no external AST generalist competitions. The internal competitions, from their side, are a real illusion which use the corresponding promotion quotas to allow a small number of the staff to be able to profit from it. Many AST laureates of the last internal competition have still not found a post, if I am not mistaken.
  • Many ASTs perform the AD work, but such work is not acknowledged; the Administration once again does exactly what it rejects from the Member States, namely social dum­ping.


  1. At the level of certification:
  • Access to certification is often arbitrary and does not allow all deserving colleagues to participate in this process.


What does the List 1 “Together for EU / Ensemble pour EU” request?

Þ to stop the reduction of AST posts;

Þ to stop the hunt for “professional shortcomings”;

Þ to reorganize generalist external competitions, so the laureates will no longer be left without a job;

Þ to implement screening so that some AST can be upgraded to AD.

If you feel that we can really help you, we ask you to vote for our list 1 so that we can guarantee you a real support clp