Several COVID support actions to highlight

By | Wednesday January 27th, 2021

Several COVID actions to highlight


During this isolation period, you are not alone!



  • COVID support initiative for and by colleagues who have been infected, approved by DG HR and medical services. Do not miss the next meeting on 1st February 2021: Teams link


Save Europe asks the administration to go even further by directly informing colleagues infected by COVID-19 about this initiative.




  • If you feel physically and psychologically exhausted, psychological support can help you: the JSIS facilitates access to the first 5 sessions of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy : special procedure to facilitate reimbursement



With ongoing health crisis, Save Europe urges the administration to increase the number of sessions for better care.






Save Europe would like to thank colleagues in DG MOVE for this very useful source of information.












Save Europe is concerned about the well-being of the colleagues, and remains at your disposal to support you in your daily life. Be free to contact us.


If our actions make sense for you, join us and take part in the changes you want to see in our institution.




Take care of yourself and your beloved ones