COVID-19 vaccines

Save Europe informs you about issues of concern to you:   Safe COVID-19 vaccines for Europeans How do vaccines work?   Feel free to share the information around you, this information is available in all the official languages of the European Union.   Together we can take care of us and our loved ones.

Training – internal competitions

TRAINING PROGRAMME TO PREPARE PRE-SELECTION TESTS INTERNAL COMPETITIONS Registration form attached Providing that we receive sufficient number of subscriptions, Save Europe organises a new training session in English colleagues working for the Commission.   The trainings will be following this timetable: English language group Monday 14/01/2019 12’30 – 14’30 Numerical Reasoning (1st part) Friday 18/01/2019… Read More »

Technical maintenance – JSIS

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Technical maintenance – delay in reimbursment foreseen as of 7/12/2018 Dear colleagues, A technical maintenance is planned in the JSIS and, therefore, the delay in reimbursement will be lengthened. Save Europe has heard about it only yesterday afternoon and regrets that such important information is only mentioned on the JSIS website but that… Read More »

Staff Survey 2018

Dear colleagues,   We invite you to answer massively to the Staff Survey launched by DG HR under the supervision of Commissioner Oettinger.   It is crucial that each of you participates and gives the perception about what you are daily living.   Beyond the work done by staff representatives, DG HR needs your opinion… Read More »

Our Program – What Save Europe realized in a few words:

During this term, Save Europe worked on many issues. We would like to draw your attention to some in particular:   SAVE EUROPE OBTAINED :   Screening : SAVE EUROPE obtained the revalorisation of all function groups (cf the “screening” which is in phase of finalization in Luxembourg and which, more than probably, will begin very… Read More »


SALARY ADAPTATION – APPEAL IN FRONT OF THE COURT Some Trade Unions are fighting for you Case T-530/16 – « Ludwig Schubert e.a.  contre Commission européenne Conseil de l’Union européenne, Parlement européen, partie intervenante. »   SAVE EUROPE as well as the Alliance, the FFPE and the Union syndicale did not hesitate to open their wallet to… Read More »


Monday November 12th 2018   We are missing only 683 votes to reach the quorum. For the undecided and/or those who do not know if they can vote or not: a small click on the link below can help them do their civic duty:    To vote, click here:   E-vote:   You have until… Read More »


In recent years, the AST category has been more and more neglected by the Institution, in particular: At the career level: During the last reform of 2014, the careers of the AST colleagues were blocked in AST9, whereas such colleagues benefited from a linear career ranging from AST1 to AST 11. Moreover, it would be… Read More »

(Français) envois aux 135 délégations

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Outside the Union – Our programme – our candidates

Hors Union – programme   Hors Union – candidats

Last news: Internal competitions and Junior Professionals Programme

This Monday 05 November 2018, at 10:30, we attended a meeting with DG HR regarding the upcoming internal competition and the Junior Professionals Programme. This is what has been discussed : Junior Professionals Programme : 385 candidates participated, among whom 59 % of women (for 30 posts), Results : 9 Contract Agents – 21 trainees –… Read More »

Fair Career Opportunity for ALL colleagues

Regardless of the post, grade and function all colleagues working for the European Commission should have the opportunity to build career on the basis of their actual performance: There must be posts offered to AST colleagues allowing for the mobility and full use of their skills and knowledge. Those AST colleagues willing to advance to… Read More »

How to vote Please also consult the interview of Mr Duluc on the intracomm : Staff elections – make your voice heard! Don’t hesitate to ‘like’ this interview in order to show your interest for the elections SAVE EUROPE LIST n°3

European Schools in Brussels

After years of inaction and disregard of the problematic situation of the European Schools in Belgium, the European Commission it officially admitted that: “a place at one of the European Schools in Brussels could not be guaranteed”   This reflection comes only after SAVE EUROPE successfully launched a motion of the General Assembly of the… Read More »

AST career

AST career since 2004 to the present day or how to save money by penalizing a large number of staff?   A little reminder for the new staff: In 2004, categories B-C-D were combined into one: AST. This career was meant to be open to allow a large majority of staff to start as AST1… Read More »

Internal competitions or the vast deception of our Administration

Once again the end of the current Commission is fast approaching and will probably result in a major parachuting operation for the final mandate of it and its Administration. Under the pretext of a political promise to the Staff, the Administration now wants to urgently organize internal competitions allowing a very large number of people… Read More »

What Save Europe has done to improve mobility

It is with great pleasure that we noticed our colleagues read, reflect and react to SAVE EUROPE‘s electoral tract on mobility. We have always considered mobility to be an important issue for Brussels and we are thrilled to see colleagues finally taking interest and devoting time to reflect upon it and discuss it. To set… Read More »


Special « Contract Agents »

Special « Contract Agents »   “Equal pay for equal work” dixit Mr Juncker   Dear colleagues Contract Agents,   As we were about to put our umpteenth “plea” to the President, in view of his great discretion in the face of our many requests and requests for interviews, such as the “Grail” that came out of… Read More »

Mobility Plan and mobility policies in EC

Mobility Plan and mobility policies in EC   Mobility week has ended last Saturday, a summary is available on the Intracomm: . What is going to be implemented concretely by the Commission,… Although mobility in Brussels is an issue affecting both professional and private life of more than 20 000 colleagues and their families, the… Read More »

OIB continues to outsource …

OIB continues to outsource … Or when profitability is prioritized over the idea of services OIB is continuing to open up more and more to private management. Not to mention other areas such as the mail service, and the situation is striking as regards nurseries and daycares. Whether for the sake of “budget constraints” or… Read More »